Beware of your “friends”


Why are we in social media?

Is it really to be in touch with our friends?

Or to compare others’ lives with ours and see if we are scoring more than them?

Is it because we want to give our time and attention to our friends?

Or because we want their time and attention without giving anything back?

Are we there for the likes?

Are we there to pretend?

To build a persona that is half true?

Why are we in social media in the first place?

Maybe the answer is that because we are addicted to the likes.

And we are more afraid of losing others’ attention because with social media we can pretend we are not alone. That someone cares.

But if everyone is there to seek others’ attention, then by logic no one is there to give you their attention.

They are in for a deal.

Beware what you sign in for.


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