Do you think you are helping the environment? Think again!

Some people think they are saving the planet by consuming many things but throwing away none.

But while there’s so much they might need, there is no limit to the excuses they give to buy a new version of the same thing they already have.

We can always come up with reasons why we need a new car, a new pair of shoes, a second house or new furniture.

But the underlying cause it’s our status anxiety. Our need to gain other’s respect through, among some other things, the expensive, trendy, new, things we possess.

But we don’t need all these new stuff.

We have to stop pretending that we are doing the planet a favor by not throwing things away or by selling our “old” stuff, while we are consuming like addicts.

We need to go to the psychologist to solve our lack of self-love.

Instead of buying a newer version of whatever the market puts in front of us, we have to ask ourselves a fundamental question:

What am I looking for to gain through buying this new thing? Is it love? Respect? Admiration? And if so, why?

We would be surprised to know that behind most useless consumption there’s a wounded heart trying to cheer itself up, but often unwilling to actually heal.



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