What makes a good life?

For some, life is about accumulating material things and reaching the social status that comes with them. For this people, a good life is about living with comfort and the respect of others, even if it’s fake.

To this people, Buddha would say:


The Value of a Person

The value of a person has nothing to do with status, fortune, or occupation. Appraising a person just on the basis of learning or talent invites error. It is rather thoughts and acts giving life to knowledge that are precious. Thoughts and acts are what create the value of a person.

“Who is Dogen Zenji?”


For others is about having a family, community or tribe to live for. To them, a good life is a life lived in the company of your loved ones.

For another people, life is about traveling and experiencing other cultures, learning other languages, and understanding how others live, think and survive. These people consider that an adventurous life is a life well lived.

To them, Buddha would say:



According to Buddha:

Life being active service means being a person with no regrets when life ends.

Based on this, tell me, are you living a good life?


I would love to hear from you. =)

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