You don’t have to choose between Buddhism and Humanism

Though Humanism is a secular philosophy, many would be surprised to know that Buddhism and Humanism have much in common.

The following is what the American Humanist Association has to say about this commonality:

Buddhism is different from many other faith traditions in that it is not centered on the relationship between humans and a high god. Buddhists do not believe in a personal creator God. In a sense then, Buddhism is more than a religion; it is a tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development. To many, it is more of a philosophy and a humanistic way of life which can be summed up as striving to lead a moral life; being aware of one’s thoughts and actions; and developing wisdom, compassion and understanding.

And this is what Buddhism says about the “righteous religion”:


Picture from the booklet “Who is Dogen Zenji?” from Eihei-ji temple.

Is in their aim to lead people to a peaceful way of life without the need of “the true God” that both Buddhism and Humanism find each other as sisterhood philosophies.

And this is why I consider myself both Humanist and Buddhist.




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