The common aim of critical thinking and meditation

Do you think critical thinking -the most important skill in science, and meditation -the basic practice in Buddhism, have nothing in common because they belong to the never-ending debate of “Science vs. Religion”?

Well, think again, since both, critical thinking and meditation, have their primary aim in common:

To understand reality as it IS!

Meditation is for Buddhism what the scientific method is for science: The way in which humans can have access to the truth without biases.

The skill applied in science is critical thinking. The skill in meditation is a non-judgmental observation of our thoughts.

Both, critical thinking and a non-judgmental mind, intend to leave our opinions, feelings, and biases out of the process of observing the natural world in the case of science, and the nature of our thoughts when it comes to meditation.

Interestingly, we only become great scientists or accomplished meditators when we have learned to leave our ego out of the process of describing how the world is and who we are.

It’s only when we have overcome our personal interests and needs that we can succeed in both’s, science and Buddhism, most noble intention: to improve the lives of human beings.


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