The human mind

There is the universe full of stars and planets surrounding humans, and since the beginning of time it has been a mystery to us.

However, there is another great universe equally unknown and immense: the human mind.

And as the outside Universe gave place to LIFE, complex, beautiful and magnificent as it is, the universe within our brain gives rise to an equally complex and sometimes incomprehensible way of life: SOCIETY.

Is in the society where human life happens, where our mind does its job: to perceive, experience, memorize and learn the physical world around it to make sense of it and build what we call ” reality.”

However, as this drawing illustrates us, our mind is not perfect, so neither are we.


NeuroArt Author: Francesco Aulicino

This graphic was presented in the Popular Science Ellipse Award organized by the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona, where it won an Audience Special Mention to the best graphic piece.


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