“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

Paul Farmer

Many people need status (an expensive car, a big house, lots of money in the bank, etc.) to feel that they are “good” because they can barely feel proud about the things they do.

Most jobs in today’s world have no ethics in mind. The CEO of a bank, or a fashion brand working with sweatshops in Bangladesh, cannot ignore the exploitation they commit, or the gambling they do with others’ money. And the employees know this too.

Yet, to be able to sleep and have a mild sense of peace, they have to tell themselves that they ARE good, and what else can reassure them about this than to enjoy others’ attention and admiration?

But since they can’t have attention and admiration by explaining what they really do, they have to find another way to get that supply, and so they have come up with status.

They need status to feel they are worthy of “love” in spite of their actions. 

They will hate themselves for their actions, but at least others will love them for their things.


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