Thank you, Trump!

Thank you, Trump!

For showing us how misogynist and racist the world still is.

For making our commitment to the planet even stronger.

For letting democratic countries know

how little meritocratic they really are,

how you still get farther by being born rich

than by working hard.

Thank you, Trump,

because every day you show us

how much education we still need,

and yet you are teaching us so much.

You are teaching us

how someone with narcissistic personality disorder is,

and the damage he can cause.

You are teaching us how the lack of ethics and morality

in a leader feels like,

and the chaos it creates.

By seeing you,

we learn the consequences of eating junk food,

and by seeing your wife,

we know how an unhappy marriage looks like.

Thanks to you, Trump,

we now know the human beings we don’t want to become,

we have raised our standards,

we are aiming much much higher than you will ever be.

Thanks to you, Trump,

the future will belong to those with principles,

who care about the planet and the living creatures in it,

who educate themselves and treat others with respect,

to the thinkers and the innovators,

to the scientists and the humanists,

to the women, to the men, to the cis, trans, straight, bi, gays –

who are lovers, not haters,

to all the “races,”

to those that strive to make the world better,

a world in which, lucky for us,

you will not matter.


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