Google is the smartest “guy” in town.

Nobody cares about what or how much do you know.

Whatever people want to know they will ask Google, not you.

So what’s the point in going to school to learn data that it’s on Google?

I don’t have a clear answer to this.

I think that everybody will have to figure it out what they can do (not only know) that Google (or YouTube or any MOOC) can’t teach anyone else in one afternoon.

I suppose that’s the definition of experience.

Gain experience in something and start NOW.

Don’t wait for the University to give you permission to start doing the thing you studied for.

Don’t wait for a Diploma.

I waited for a Diploma.

I waited for 3 diplomas: A BSc, an MSc, and a Ph.D.

I am not sure what for.

I didn’t need all this knowledge, believe me!

I needed confidence.

That’s it!

Confidence is something Google can’t teach!


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