Do what you can do as well as you can do it every day of your life, and you will end up dying one of the happiest individuals that have ever died.

Howard Lyman

Life has taught me to live by my values.

I’ve realized that if I betray myself, I cannot sleep and be at peace.

I don’t want to live a life of fame, money and “success” if to get there I have to betray my values. 

I don’t understand how some people can sleep at night knowing that they have done wrong.

Call me naive, but I really can’t get it.

I once betrayed my values. I harmed no one, but I knew that what I did was wrong.

I psychologically suffered because of that.

I felt that I wasn’t innocent anymore and there was no way back.

From then, I knew that there were four ways to survive in this world if you are not wealthy from birth:

  1. Work for someone that doesn’t value integrity; do what she/he asks you to do and forget about it.
  2. Build your own business without integrity: “Companies exist to make money.”
  3. Work for someone that values integrity above all.
  4. Build your own business with integrity.

Maybe the last two are difficult to find and do, respectively, but the other two are not free of challenges and prices to pay either.

Since whatever I choose I will have to pay some price, I better pay the one that lets me sleep and live with my conscious clear.



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