Enduring loneliness is almost invariably better than suffering the compromises of force community.

Loneliness is simply a price we might have to pay for holding onto a sincere and ambitious view of what companionship must and could be.

The School of Life

It’s easy to feel lonely in Japan.

Loneliness, I think and have read, comes from the lack of connection.

You feel a connection is when you realize that you are not the only one feeling a certain way about something.

But in a culture in which it is uncommon to share one’s feelings, how are we going to connect?

Who is gonna be the first saying “I feel lonely,” and who is gonna be the brave person saying “me too”?

I am in Japan with my husband, so I am not alone.

But I miss making friends with ease.

I miss talking about life with someone and getting feedback in the same way.

I miss feeling as a HUMAN among HUMANS.

HUMANS who have flaws, fears, doubts, joys, anger, passions, concerns, difficulties, questions, plans, projects, hobbies, sadness, and peace.

Where are the HUMANS in Japan?


I would love to hear from you. =)

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